Meeting location

The convenience of everything in one location. From meeting to overnight. Would you like to dine in the restaurant or just relax on one of the terraces? It is all possible here. Spend the night in one of the garden rooms in our hotel.

The room offers plenty of natural light and three sliding doors provide wide access to the garden. In short, the ideal location for a fully catered, relaxed meeting.

* These prices are from 5 to a maximum of 20 persons, room rates are based on 1-person rooms

All inclusive meetingpackages
4 hours
4 hours with lunch
8 hours
12 hours
24 hours
32 hours
Meeting room with daylight
v v v v v v
Flipover with paper and markers
v v v v v v
Pepermints v v v v v v
Unlimited coffee, tea and water
v v v v v v
Reception with a treat
v v v v v v
Free WIFI v v v v v v
Free parkeren v v v v v v
Lunch v v v v v
3-course dinner with coffee
v v v
Stay with breakfast
v v
2nd day: 8 hour package