Entertainment in Brabant

Besides the beautiful walking and biking tours, Brabant has other attractions. We have selected the most fun and interesting choices. Select a category below to view all the options.


Mountain biking through the forest of Handel and Gemert is a local favourite but you can also enjoy a round of golf. There are plenty of other activities as well.


Theater & film

A variety of film and theatre houses await your viewing pleasure.

Theater & film


The designated walking routes are rich with nature and local attractions as each route takes you through the connecting village or town.

Walking in Brabant

Musea & expositions

Visit one of our many educational and entertaining museums in the area.

Musea & expositions


Biking in De Peel is a must for cycling enthusiasts, as it is known for its captivating and vast scenic surroundings.

Biking in Brabant


The charm of Handel is the natural setting in which it is located.

Nature in Brabant