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Hotel Handelia has several hotel packages to enjoy in Brabant. Get to know Brabant in an active and fun way with the help of our cycling and walking arrangements

Bicycle package

The best way to enjoy the spectacular outdoors in Brabant is to book one of our bike tours. The boroughs of Gemert-Bakel have plenty of nice spots along the way where you can take a break and have something to eat and drink, and then leisurely make your way along the countryside back to the Hotel Handelia.

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Walking package

There is plenty of pleasant walking in Brabant. The Hotel Handelia offers you a complete package, which includes overnights; take away lunch and full breakfast. Enjoy the forest surroundings from the hotel and relax afterwards in our lovely garden.

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Golf package

We have compiled a relaxing golf package, where you go golfing one day at Golf course Stippelberg.

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Painting and flower arranging package

Going out with friends or family? Bachelor Party? Or just together doing something else? Wonderfully creative and relaxing? In this workshop you will learn to work with different materials and make a stunning floral creation to enjoy.

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More packages

Look at more of our packages. Visit our website regularly to stay informed of new packages.

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